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You are welcome to visit them for even more ways to improve your art

Pencil Drawing Made Easy

Learn how to draw anything realistically with my in depth pencil drawing course. In the course I take you step by step from the beginning and teach you how to draw like a professional. For more info you can go HERE

Online Art Lessons

On this site I have teamed up with my father to create a huge library of lessons. You will find more of my classes in pencil as well as our classes in watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastel painting as well as various other subjects like pen & ink drawing. You can get access to over 300 classes for only $19. I know you will love the site, so go check it out HERE

Draw With

Draw with is a site for kids to learn to draw and enjoy art. On this site we draw all sorts of interesting things - like cartoons, emoji and illusions. In each tutorial video we first draw the subject using a regular pencil. We then use Sharpies, crayons and whatever else we can get our hands on to color in the artwork. Each page also has a downloadable coloring in page so the younger children can join in too. As I want ALL kids to appreciate and enjoy art from an early, this site is 100% free. Go here to visit : Draw With Nolan